Thursday, June 20, 2013

Korean Drama: I Can Hear Your Voice

First let me say hello to all of you out there. I recently came across a new Korean Drama, I Can Hear Your Voice, and so far it's awesome! It stars Yoon sang Hyun also known as Oska, from Secret Garden, and Lee Jong Suk from School 2013 and his character was Go Nam Soon who was coincidentally in Secret Garden. I've only gotten through two of the five posted episodes on, so the verdict is till early but I predict this drama is going to be a good one. The premise is Lee Jong Suk's character has been able to hear two ways, one, the way we all hear, and two, the way he only hears. Meaning he can read the thoughts of others. Freaky huh? I won't give away too much because I want you all to check it out for yourselves, and i just hate it when people ruin good movies/dramas for me! I will say Yoon Sang Hyun's character is quite annoying at first and he looks like a geek with those hideous glasses, and what's with that hair style, and to top it all off, his pants are tight and are flooding the district! I had to laugh at that the first episode. He's so trusting of his client to his detriment of course, but I digress.
There's always a family that you love to hate and there is no exception to this drama. Jang Hye Seong played by Lee Bo Young has a bit of an attitude when she was a kid, so when an accident happens, she's blamed for it and ends up getting kicked out of school and her mother loses her job from get this... the family that they are staying with and working for. So Hye Seong grows up and becomes a lawyer who trying to become a district attorney for more money. Somewhere along the way she's gotten prickly and forced a girl to confess to attempted murder, which of course she did not commit. This drama is fantasy, comedy, and romance all rolled into one drama.
As a final note, I'll let you all find out what connection Hye Seong has with Park So Ha, Lee Jong Suk's character. I think they'll most likely end up together in the end. I mean if they didn't what would the point be?